Hi there,

Here’s a little disclaimer post about the blog.

Firstly, I’m just an ordinary someone in the neighbourhood that loves food. I love food. Absolutely love it. I love tasting food, reading about food, looking at food and food pictures, cooking, baking, buying food, exploring new food… and as you can imagine the list goes on. I love all kinds of food, and especially those that reflect culture or subculture. I think the world is filled with food for different types of people, food for the nerds, food for the health geek, food for the sporty, food for the men, food for the ladies, and so on… And I hope that I can explore and write as much topics as I can about food.

This blog contains personal opinions, reflections, and thoughts about food. It’s a diary of the foodnerd, and may content posts unrelated to food.

Thank you for your understanding.


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