Gd O’times nyonya restaurant

We stumble upon the nyonya restaurant “Gd O’times” in Changi Village while deciding on a place for dinner. It was the inviting fragrance that drew us in.

Here’s what we ordered.






From the top:
Babi Assam
Stir-fried spicy port with a tinge of sour flavour. Great balance of spicy, sour, and sweet. My personal fav.

Ayam Buahkeluak
This was a pleasing dish. the chicken was braised through so well that the meat was tender and it slipped off the bone. It was easy to eat, and very tasty as well. I personally love the gravy of thjs dish.

Nyonya Chap Chye
It had a little bit of burnt after taste which we can hardly get these days. The vegetable was cooked till soft and tasty.

BorBor Cha Cha
It was definitely nyonya borbor cha cha. The Tapioca jellies were chewy. The soul was full of palm sugar aroma, and yet it was not entirely sweet.

The food tasted as good as its fragrance. The dishes were authentic with a home cooked taste. As for the price, we ordered all those food, 2 drinks, and rice for $38. It was a good experience for me.



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