Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant


Cha Cha Cha is one of the Mexican Restaurant that has been well established in Singapore. It has been around for more than 5 years, and still attracting a decent crowd. It is definitely one of my favourite Maxican Restaurant in Singapore. It’s a perfect place for a casual chill out with friends or family.

Jalapeño Relleno
This is one of my favourite mexican dish. Deep fried Jalapeño stuffed with cheese. The combination of spicy kick from the Jalapeño, the crispy deep fried batter, and the oozing cheese is what makes the dish so exciting and addictive. I’d say it’s a combination match-made in heaven.

Cha Cha Cha Combinados
If you are indecisive, this dish would be a good dish for your main. You can enjoy taco, enchiladas, and mexican rice on one plate. Having said that, you’d still have to choose the meat filling that goes with your dish.

Prawn Burrito
This was another great dish. The prawn flavour went really well with the Burrito.

Sopa de Mariscos
A mexican seafood soup, rich in seafood flavour, a spicy kick, and a decent amount of seafood. The soup is light and refreshing. a great dish to start your meal with.

I’ve visited many Mexican restaurants in Singapore, and Cha Cha Cha will still be one of my favourite.


Bene Spaghetti

Today’s restaurant pick: Bene Spaghetti.


Located at one of the shophouses along boat quay, just a few minutes wall from the heart of CBD, Bene Spaghetti is a small Japanese restaurant with an italian dining concept. They serve Italian food with a Japanese twist. Not only the food but the atmosphere of the restaurant was Japanese Izakaya style with an Italian twist. Although it’s a little pricy, this would be a great place for casual dining after work. The restaurant also caters for private events. And this place definitely smells of Japanese (that didn’t sound right).

So let’s get down to the food.






From the top:
chicken thigh and blue cheese gnocchi
They were generous with the cream sauce and the other toppings. The taste of the blue cheese was not too strong.

Bacon and Saba risotto
If u like the taste of Saba fish, this dish would be good for you. The balance of fishy taste, bacon, and the cream was just right. They provide basil leaves and sesame to grind and mix with the soup provided. You can then pour the soup over your risotto to enjoy an alternative flavour.

Seafood and tomato risotto
This dish was pretty refreshing. The tomato sauce is not as thick at is usually is, but the dish is tasty with a very light tomato taste. This dish also comes with the soup mixture.

Bene tsubo pudding
It’s like a creme brûlée with a slightly icecream texture, and a heavier taste. The caramel gives off a little bitter taste, but the overall dish was pretty good.

panna cotta
The panna cotta was light and slightly cheesy. Pretty good dessert to end the day.

The food was generally good. Do make a visit if u’re around the corner and wanting to have a simple girl’s night out.